1. Will Geotech liase with our Syndic and the Marie during construction?

Yes, Geotech works with Syndics, gaurdians and the city as needed throughout the project to guarantee projects run smoothly and according to building regulations. We also communicate with neighbours to keep relations amicable throughout demolition and building phases.


2. How will we receive communication and updates if we are abroad?

The majority of Geotech's clients are second home buyers on the French Riviera in need of renovations. We keep them up to date through email and photos as the project progresses. Our project manager is always available by phone or email should clients wish to get an update or have any questions regarding progress or even measurements. We understand some clients would like to be more involved in the building process than others and we are happy to tailor our communication according to their wishes.


3. Will Geotech gives us a finish date?
Yes, we understand clients need to know when they can move in or rent out their property. At the time of contract signing we are able to give a schedule of works and a completion date.


4. Can Geotech provide references?
Yes, we are happy to provide references and show clients some of our completed renovation projects to give a better understanding of our work ethic and caliber of our finishes.


5. Will you be able to help with interior design and sourcing furniture?
Yes, we have architects specialised in interior design who are more than happy to guide you with sourcing local furniture to fit your budget and taste. Over the years we have been able to find where to source what along the French Riviera and Italy.


6. Can you help us with landscaping?
Yes, we are prepared to do any work necessary in order to hand over your home complete.


7. What languages does your company speak?
We have project managers that speak native English, French, Italian and Russian.





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